The EVE_NT Arena website has been a fun project to start and get off the ground. Competitive eSports action all made possible by the addition of the community Thunderdome server.

True competition comes to EVE Online on a balanced server, Thunderdome, where both sides know the rules, format and settings, leaving little room to “bend” them as is the way on the Tranquility server. No blobs, no bat-phones and the Arena even has boundary violations – you can’t even run away.

The website has been set up primarily as a better way of visualizing all of the spreadsheets that go into making competitive EVEsports events possible. Player data is also tracked on the website as the Thunderdome server is regularly wiped and does not retain match data anywhere. (we don’t even have killmails yet – hopefully one day soon™)

Currently, the Arena website is in a closed format/read-only mode.

I am the project lead of EVE_NT Arena website. I don’t actually do much really. More like a consultant. The bulk of the work is done before any event even starts registering teams. At the moment all of the data on the website has been manually inserted by either myself or Bei Artjay – the mastermind behind the EVE_NT Championship Series. Plans are underway to give more access to participants and team captains soon™

As the website develops to keep up with the growth and demand, we hope that TD can develop alongside it with continuing access being granted, as we grow our events and tournaments offerings to players.

Take some time to check out the EVE_NT Arena, perhaps I will see your name in there one day.